Khanyisa Bunu. Picture: Facebook
Khanyisa Bunu has come a long way after being the winner of the 2015 Comics’ Choice Award for the audience choice category.

Almost two years later, Bunu’s star seems to be rising higher with her billed to perform at the Delphic Comedy Championships in Joburg this weekend.

Bunu has had an exciting year in the comedy arena. She received a standing ovation at this year’s Kings and Queens of Comedy in Durban. And she promises another stellar, clean set at the comedy showcase this weekend.

“My comedy is clean. I always talk about myself, my history and I try to make my comedy educational. You can expect to laugh and learn at the same time,” Bunu said.

Her influence for this brand of comedy is attributed to her upbringing. Her mother is very strict.

“I was never allowed to swear or talk openly about sex. Those things are taboo to me. I cannot imagine being on stage and swearing at people,”she said.

This is something that makes Bunu stand out from other comics who regularly tackle the topics at hand.

Khanyisa Bunu. Picture: Supplied

The former geography and English teacher said the only thing she does not miss about being a teacher, is the scripts.

“That’s the only thing I don’t miss. I could do it all happily so; invigilate, set exams but when it comes to scripts”she trailed off with a slight chuckle.

It seems scripts haunt her as she plays her role on’s Scandal!.

Bunu, from Whittlesea in the Eastern Cape, says she’s always known she was funny. It was often marked by the apparent disappointment her family members would express if she was unable to be with them at family gatherings.

She knew it was her talent, and took the chance to break into the comedy industry in Joburg as soon as she could.

Her biggest moment this year? Opening for The Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

“That was something I honestly never thought would come. At least not so soon. It really caught me by surprise, and I prepared for it,”she said.

Opening for Noah gave her access to an audience she wouldn’t necessarily have.

“This gave me a platform and the opportunity to tap into Trevor’s crowd, and the way they loved and embraced me was amazing. I have had so many follow-up gigs from Trevor’s gig. It opened more doors for me,” Bunu said.

She has turned what would ordinarily be a disadvantage, her being a woman, into a positive.

“I work hard to be funny (and entertain). It’s much easier for people to remember a funny female comedienne,” she said.

Bunu will join a star-studded African and International line up tomorrow, including Chigul (Nigeria), Smallz (Swaziland), Karis (Kenya), Kris with a K (Namibia), Ntando Moyo (Zimbabwe), Topsy (Zambia) and Foster Romanus (Ghana).

Sunday’s diverse international comedy line-up opens with the animated winner of the National Delphic Comedy Championship Kedibone Muluadzi (South Africa), dark-horse Pamela Ospina (Colombia) with her blunt and often controversial stand-up style, the quirky Tin Vodopivec (Slovenia), Disney’s Esther Daack (USA), Nikola Silic (Serbia), Njambi McGarth (UK) and Miroslav Simeonov (Bulgaria).

* Tickets for both events are available from Webtickets. The event will be held at The Fringe at Jo’burg Theatre, Braamfontein.