Candice Morgan, the dynamic young woman who plays Yashika in Dtv's award-winning drama Eve's Cradle, was crowned the New Miss Deaf South Africa at the Performer Theatre in Pretoria.

At her crowning, she said: "I want to prove to the hearing world deaf people can do anything they can, and sometimes even better. I hope to be in parliament one day, and I would like to fight for the rights of women, especially deaf women."

Candice (22) charmed the audience with her radiant smile and glowing self-confidence.

One of the goals of the organisers this year is to introduce Candice to Oprah, to inspire and uplift all South Africans.

"Candice is a role model. She can be showcased to the world," said Elize van der Merwe of Janique Promotions.

The organisers are now seeking sponsors for Candice to attend the Miss Deaf World in July, hosted by the Czech Republic in Prague.

Candice matriculated at MC Kharbai School for the Deaf, and studied IT at Esselen Park. She started presenting for Dtv at 16, and became a full-time staff member in 2002. She is being trained as a director/editor, and went to Canada to cover the 14th World Federation of the Deaf last year.

She is now preparing to cover the Athens Olympics where deaf swimmer Terence Parkin will participate. Candice's character in Eve's Cradle is a young Indian girl from a strict Tamil family who falls pregnant. Her parents refuse to accept the pregnancy and Yashika lands in the claws of a sinister Bulgarian and an Internet adoption project.

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