Nomusa Mtshali. Picture: Supplied
Nomusa Mtshali. Picture: Supplied

Nomusa Mtshali celebrates queerness in new artwork showcasing in New York

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Apr 7, 2021

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South African contemporary artist Nomusa ’Musah’ Mtshali has recently released a selection of new photographic works titled “Titanium eZulwini.”

Mtshali’s new body of work is on exhibition at Proto Gomez Gallery in New York City.

“Titanium eZulwini” is a celebration of gender expression.

Titanium is a persona and a utopia space, where Mtshali makes sense of their own world.

The Durban-born artist’s work explores gender fluidity and queer identity within the context of South African society via the pseudo-persona of Titanium, who lives their life on an imaginary escape planet where gender is non-binary.

“My quest for belonging and success has brought me against the full force of conservative ideology in South African society.

“I have found it difficult to feel as represented by any single demographic.

“As Titanium I try to quietly and persuasively challenge narrowly defined concepts like gender and race – with the understanding that no one fits these boxes perfectly … I want the gaze of my works to be one of understanding and empathy,” explains Mtshali.

Nomusa Mtshali. Picture: Supplied

They recently exhibited their works at Greatmore House and the A4 Art Foundation, Cape Town, as well as Durban's KwaZulu-Natal Society of Art and the Bat Centre.

Their work includes painting, sculptures, installations and performances.

This is Mtshali’s first exhibition in the US and their first exhibition with Pronto Gomez Gallery.

The exhibition is currently open to the public at the Proto Gomez Gallery, New York City.

The gallery is also available for online viewing.

Click here for more information on the exhibition.

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