Plus 1 Festival 2017. Picture: Supplied

This year there is something exciting, new and culturally adventurous to do, and it’s bursting with all kinds of love.

Imagine being able to escape just forty minutes out of Cape Town to a Festival of Love, where you can attend for the weekend or just for one of the three days, a fantasy themed Happily Ever After Party like never before!

The bride is contemporary Art and her groom, sexy Music, and they have chosen the picture perfect setting of La Paris Estate in Franschhoek, recently refurbished, with spectacular views and rolling green lawns for their wedding festivities!

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They planned an intimate, magical affair… an outdoor reception in the most spectacular mountainous valley, and thought they’d make a weekend of it, they imagined a boutique festival in celebration of their cosmic union...

Their playlist includes live performances from a few top local acts like GoodLuck, Euphonik, Mi Casa and The Kiffness… and to show Art his undying appreciation, Music contacted DJ Lovebirds from Berlin, and asked him to come to SA for his first time and play a special set for his Plus1, and their guests, as a symbol of his love.

The all new Plus1 Festival invites discerning party goers from all over SA and the world to come to one of the most beautiful settings in the world and get lost in their enchanted playground… Effectively when Art Marries Music, everyone over 21 is invited!

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So for lovers of talented Artists, Artisans, Bands, Chefs, Designers and DJs and for those that enjoy living life to the max, the Plus1 Festival invite you to find that special someone or gather your crew and come indulge in a fun-filled fantasy themed dress up party that has everyone excited.

Early Bird Tickets are on sale until 31 January, and there is all the info you need on And there are a variety of Limited Accommodation and Day Pass Ticketing options for 2 people, singles will pay a slight premium, so rather find a Plus1 to join you and come revel in a festive celebration for the Love of Music and Art!

Event Information:

Venue: La Paris Estate, Franschhoek

Date: 17 – 19 February 2017


VIP Weekend Pass (Limited to 50 double tickets)

Early Bird – R1, 000
Normal – R 1, 600


· Exclusive Shaded Lounge areas on both dance floors

· Exclusive Bar area

· Flushing toilets

· Drinks card preloaded with R100

· These tickets allow you to enter the festival for all three days and include NuTickets charges

FANTASY FRIDAY Day Pass >>> Limited to 500 double tickets.<<<
Early Bird – R300
Normal – R600

Limited to 50 doubletickets.<<<
Early Bird – R700
Normal – R1000

CELEBRATORY SATURDAY Day Pass >>> Limited to 1 500 double tickets. <<<

Early Bird – R400
Normal – R900

VIP CELEBRATORY SATURDAY Day Pass >>> Limited to 50 double
Early Bird – R800
Normal – R1, 300

SUNDAY FUNDAY Day Pass >> Limited
to 200 double tickets. 40%<<<
Early Bird – R300
Normal – R600

> Limited to 50 double tickets.<<<
Early Bird – R700
Normal – R1, 000

All tickets available at Nutickets.


SHUTTLE SERVICE: R400 for a return bus ticket from Cape Town (2 people) from Sea Point Public Library.