Rumer Willis is said to have a terrible singing voice, despite having landed a weekly gig at a club.

London - Rumer Willis wants to be a pop star.

The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore is desperate to launch a music career and has even landed a weekly performing gig at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles - but reportedly has a terrible singing voice.

A source told America's Star magazine: "The venue likes Rumer to sing every week because she brings publicity but the truth is she's horrible."

The 'House Bunny' actress is said to not realise how bad she sounds, and her belief her voice is similar to that of 'Video Games' hitmaker Lana Del Rey has been the source of much amusement to clubgoers.

The source added: "The regulars all secretly laugh at her because she's always bragging that she sounds like Lana Del Rey when actually the audience can't stand to listen to her.

"Rumer is a chainsmoker and she feels like smoking gives her voice a raspier edge like Lana's. But all it really does is cause her to cough constantly on stage which adds to her poor performance." - Bang Showbiz