JOHANNESBURG – One of a group of suspected poachers has been killed by a pride of lions.
Managers of the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, near the Kruger National Park, reported that the man was killed last week with footprints from two other people nearby suggesting that two other poachers escaped.
Tracks indicated that the other poachers had beat a hasty retreat, leaving a heavy calibre firearm and ammunition behind after the death of the poacher last Friday.
The rhino population of the Umbabat reserve has been heavily targeted by poachers over the last few years.
Umbabat managers say they implement costly security measures in an effort to thwart poachers who regularly target rhino, elephant, lions, hyenas, pangolins and vultures in the private reserve. 
The killing follows another incident just days previously in which police said a suspected poacher was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of lions near Kruger National Park, close to the Umbabat reserve. AFP reported the victim's remains were found at a private game park near Hoedspruit, where animals have been poached in rising numbers in recent years. - African News Agency (ANA)