#SAElections2019: Some Umlazi residents refuse to vote

By Ziyanda Mgandela. Time of article published May 8, 2019

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DURBAN - Some residents from Umlazi section F refused to vote, there was a low turn out of people at the voting stations earlier this morning.

The residents said they were outraged because of ongoing water and power outages and poor service delivery. They added there was a five-hour power outage yesterday and they currently had no power, as it had gone off again this morning.

"What are we voting for, because even as we speak there is no electricity in our homes. The government is failing us." said one of the non voting residents.

Meanwhile, for those present at the voting stations, spirits were down as they said they hope their mark today makes a difference.

"What we need is change, the government needs to implement some changes if we are to grow as a nation," said one resident.

Meanwhile at City hall, people from all across Durban have come out in numbers creating a long queue outside the hall, which is guarded by both Metro police and SAPS officials.

The election process is peaceful, voters are in good spirits.

However, there are some present who refuse to vote, citing poor service delivery.

One homeless woman said she's been living in the streets for over 20 years with her children, now six. "I have been applying for an RDP house but I have not received one to this day," said the woman.

She added that she will not vote, she will only vote when she sees change. "All these people will vote for me, I will cast my personal vote when I see change.

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