Zodwa Wabantu's panty allergies. (Pic: Instagram)

We all have our off days when we give little thought to what wear. When even the trendiest of us can get it horribly wrong. Fortunately no one will blink an eye when we do. Just like us,  celebrities have there off days but unfortunately for them all eyes are on them. There have been a few moments over the past year when we wanted to wash our eyes out after seeing some outrageously shocking and downright hideous outfits.

Here a few of those outfits that my eyes are still recovering from.

Skolopad's sausage dress. (Pic: Instagram)

The boerewors dress: Probably the most traumatising thing I’ve seen this year. If not ever. When SA artist Skolopad took to the pink carpet at the Feather Awards wearing a transparent plastic outfit stuffed with boerewors to cover up her private bits. I don’t care what she statement she was trying to make with that outfit but it just nasty!

Kim Kardashian forgets to wear pants. (Pic: Instagram)

Stockings as pants: Kim Kardashian has never been shy to show off her body and is known for her flesh revealing outfits. But stepping out in stockings and a panty is pushing it. I would like to believe that she just forgot to put on a skirt or pants but knowing Kim K it was most likely intentional.

Cee-Lo Green goes for gold. (Pic: Instagram)

Golden statue: Just because the Grammy Award is gold it didn’t mean that Cee-Lo Green had to be gold as well. He arrived at this year’s award ceremony wearing gold head to toe. Including a gold mask. The bizarre outfit won’t soon be forgot.

Rita Ora steps out the shower. (Pic: INVISION/AP, INVISION)

The gown dress: The whole sleep wear as day wear has been trending for a while now but wearing your dressing gown as evening wear is taking it way too far. Rita Ora looked like she just stepped out of a shower when she wore a white bathrobe with white towel headwrap to match at the year’s MTV EMAs. 

Zodwa Wabantu's panty allergies. (Pic: Instagram)

The flasher: Zodwa Wabantu seems to be allergic to panties because she really doesn’t like wearing them. One of her most daring and visibly outrageous outfits was the green dress she wore to this year’s Feather Awards where she flashed her panty-free private bits.

Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasichanh. (Pic: CHARLES SYKES/INVISION/AP)

The walking sculpture: We all expect a bit of drama when it comes the Met Gala but Pharrell Williams’s wife, Helen Lasichanh, took the bizarre cake in a red Comme des Garcons jumper. There’s drama and then there’s that! Some garments are best left on the runway.