5 affordable travel destinations for South Africans

Travellers do not have to travel with a visa to Malaysia. Picture: Pexels.

Travellers do not have to travel with a visa to Malaysia. Picture: Pexels.

Published Jun 18, 2018


With the year-end slowly gaining momentum on us, it is recommended that travellers start planning their holiday now.  Those apprehensive about how much they will need to fork out for the trip can be rest assured that there are budget-friendly destinations that is rich in history, culture and cuisine.

Public Relations and Customer Care for One Stop Travel and Tours, Shiksha Maharajh,shares some hot destinations that is affordable for South African travellers.


Maharajh believes that cruises are one of the most affordable ways to holiday. MSC Cruise season starts in November and runs throughout the South African summer. Maharajh said it was ideal for families on a budget as the price of a cruise is inclusive of all meals and entertainment on board. In addition, there are different sleeping options to suit any pocket. Travellers can choose to sail to Cape Town, explore the Portuguese Islands in Mozambique or even take an affordable cruise ‘overseas’.

“There are many benefits for cruising. Travellers get to pack once, get to spend their time exploring some cool spots on the ship and they do not have to worry about additional expenses on board,” she said.


This South Asian country is on the bucketlist of many travellers. Maharajh said food and transport were cheaper in India compared to other countries. Hotels were also fairly priced.

“Travellers will get the most of their money while in India. With tour companies now offering all inclusive packages, there is no better time to explore India than now…”  she said.


Thailand is on the bucketlist of many travellers and one of the reasons is its affordability. With the rand stronger than the Thai Baht, Thailand remains a firm favourite for locals.

“The rand goes a long way in Thailand. Hotels and food are relatively cheaper in the country, and it has many great tourist offerings.

“Some of the popular places are Bangkok and Phuket for its city and island offering. The best part is that travellers do not need a visa,” she said.


Malaysia is another country that does not require a visa. With its cultural fusion on Malays , Indian and Chinese cultures, millions of travellers flock to the country yearly. Maharajh said the popular places were Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi .

“The currency may be stronger but the food, tours and transport is cheaper than South Africa.”


While many people are afraid to embark on a travel adventure to Turkey due to safety concerns, Maharajh said it still remains an attractive destination for group travel.

“Turkey is one of those places that offers a fusion of Europe and Asia cultures. Not only is it affordable, it also is home to some of the most iconic places in the world. While people are afraid of terrorism, incidents can happen anywhere in the world and not only in Turkey,”  she said.

Travellers can get visa on arrival and can be done online for free.

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