Soy spiced roast chicken. Picture by C.Collingridge
Soy spiced roast chicken. Picture by C.Collingridge

#ChineseNewYear a soy spiced roast chicken

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Feb 5, 2019

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Serves 4-6


- 1.5 kg whole chicken

- 120 ml peanut oil

- 15 ml Chinese five-spice powder

- 5 ml salt

- 3 ml white pepper

- zest of 1 orange, remaining orange reserved for later use


- 2 spring onions, cut into 2cm pieces and bruised

- 3 whole star anise

- 1 green chilli, split in half

- 2 cm piece of ginger, sliced

- 1 orange, cut into pieces

- Basting sauce

- 60 ml honey

- 60 ml soy sauce

Chinese salsa verde

- 30 ml freshly grated ginger

- 10-15 ml chilli oil

- 30 ml soy sauce

- 30 ml rice vinegar or red wine vinegar

- 15 ml peanut oil

- red chillies, seeded and finely-chopped

- spring onions, finely- chopped

- 1 large orange, zested and juiced


- Preheat the oven to 180 deg C.

- Pat the chicken dry, inside and out, with a paper towel.

- In a small bowl, combine the peanut oil, five-spice powder, salt and pepper. Stir the zest into the spices.

- Rub the chicken inside and out with the spice mixture.

- For the stuffing - Stuff the cavity with the spring onion, star anise, chilli, ginger and orange. Roast the chicken for 1 hour.

- For basting - Combine the honey and soy sauce. After the chicken has cooked for 1 hour, baste the chicken generously every 10 minutes until it is cooked through and an internal thermometer reads 70-72C, about 30 minutes.

- Remove the chicken and rest, covered in foil, for 10 minutes before serving.

- Carve the chicken and serve with the Chinese salsa verde.

- Salsa -  While the chicken rests, whisk together the ginger, chilli oil, soy sauce, vinegar, peanut oil, chillies, spring onion and orange juice and zest until well combined.

- Serve with the chicken.

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