'A Quiet Place'. Picture: Supplied

IOL Entertainment giving away tickets to an exclusive pre-screening of  'A Quiet Place' on Wednesday, 04 April 2018. 

I n 'A Quiet Place', a family is forced to adopt a lifestyle where they live in silence and are full of caution at every act they commit, as they try to remain hidden in sight and sound from intelligently vicious creatures that have begun to override Earth.

This American horror film stars Emily Blunt (of Girl On The Train fame), and is directed by John Krasinski.

'A Quiet Place' opens at cinemas nationwide on April 6.

IOL Entertainment is offering our readers free double tickets to see the movie on Wednesday, April 04, at cinemas in Johannesburg (Killarney Mall Screen 4) 20 double tickets at 20:00, Durban (Sun Coast 8) 20 double tickets at 19:30 and Cape Town (Labia 4) 20 double tickets at 18:30

Each lucky recipient of a double ticket will also receive a free popcorn and soft drink.

Winners will be contacted and the names will be on the GUEST LIST at the cinema.

Enter the competition below: