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Bring magic into your baby’s nursery with a whimsical, yet classic Mickey Mouse theme.

In November last year, Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th anniversary, prompting collaborations of high-end brands with the Disney icon. Clothing, jewellery and ornaments featuring the Mickey Mouse logo and the distinctive black, red, white and yellow colour theme resulted in some seriously nostalgic designs to honour the childhood idol.

Mickey Mouse has always been a classic choice as far as nursery themes go, but it's sudden surge in popularity and its infiltration into the realm of higher end brands, it’s reemerging as a trendy favourite among new parents.

In 2018, Pinterest highlighted two major trends for nursery decor - gender neutral nurseries and sophisticated nurseries that grow with children. Mickey somehow manages to encompass both and is thus, is the perfect solution to your decorating woes.

Whether you decide to go all out, incorporating the Mickey Mouse theme into every detail, or opt for something more subtle - like using prints of the logo on bedding and furniture, this list is filled with Mickey Mouse inspiration for your nursery:

1. Decals

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Turn blank walls into something a little more magical with Disney decals. Not to be confused with confused with stickers, decals are a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface. They are an easy way to decorate without damaging walls with hooks, double-sided tape or paint. Apart from walls, they can be applied onto other smooth, non-porous surfaces, like furniture, doors, windows and mirrors. There are plenty of Mickey Mouse themed decals in a range of colours and designs available online.

2. Dream catchers

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There are subtle ways to add a little Mickey magic without taking the theme too far. Dream catchers are fantastic way of doing so. Traditionally hung over babies’ cradles for protection, to trap nightmares in the intricate web, dream catchers originate in Ojibwe culture, an Anishinaabe group of Indigenous Peoples in North America. Mickey mouse dream catchers are a playful twist on the traditional ones and make for striking decor pieces.

3. Bold prints

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From wallpaper to cot bedding or even curtains, incorporate Mickey using patterns of his iconic logo - a round head with two bulbous ears - is an easy yet effective way to add Disney details to your child’s nursery.

4. Furniture

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This shelf, painted red, yellow and black, incorporates iconic Mickey mouse colours, without being too pronounced, they manage to summon visuals of the cheerful character. This style can be mimicked on wardrobes, rocking chairs, or cots and serves as a wonderful way to bring colour into a nursery.

5. Picture frames

Picture: Mickey Mouse

Use framed pictures of your favourite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, to liven up your baby’s nursery and tie the theme together. From watercolour to ink, there are various styles to suit an array of tastes.