Picture: PxHere
Besides adorable cat and dog videos, you know what else warms the heart? Cutsie baby videos.

Facebook page Funniest Family Moments has now gone and done a compilation video of the out-of-character reactions babies have to food, toys, and various other inanimate objects.

In one installment, upon hearing the phone ring, a little boy goes completely insane, and answers with a "yeah". It also goes to show that anything that lights up will get their full attention.

Let this be a lesson to parents who invest in expensive toys. All you need is something that beeps or is colourful.

From laughing to going totally insane, their reactions are priceless and over the top. 

It just goes to show that babies can be so extra when it comes to taking pleasure in the simple things in life. It gives us a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of experiencing things for the very first time.