Little baby Eliska was born on August 15, weighing 2.1kg and measuring 42cm. Picture:

Too often we're exposed to the sad realities of life, but sometimes tragedy gives way to hope. In this case it came in the form of a healthy baby girl.

The baby was delivered from a brain-dead woman kept alive for more than three months to allow the foetus to develop, Euronews reported.

Little baby Eliska was born on August 15, weighing 2.1kg and measuring 42cm, and has since been taken home by her father, the University Hospital in Brno in the Czech Republic, announced in a statement.

The 27-year-old mother was declared brain dead on April 21 due to suffering a brain haemorrhage when she was just 16 weeks pregnant.

From then on it was a race against time to keep the developing foetus alive. Specialists from anesthesiology, resuscitation, intensive care, obstetrics and gynaecology worked together towards the same goal.

"Special attention was paid to nutrition to ensure the mother's energy needs, but more importantly the optimal growth and development of the foetus," the hospital said.

According to the latest stats, there have only been 20 such cases worldwide. But the hospital also added this case was unique due to its length and the baby's maturity.