Picture: Youtube
A heart-warming video of an 11-month-old baby mesmerised by a violinist has gone viral on social media.

The video of baby Thomas was posted to Twitter and Youtube by his mother, Rachel, who is also a musician. The video was taken while the pair attended a music class for kids in New York City. In the minute-long clip, we see the adorable moment when her little boy ran up to the violinist, Laura Zawarski, as he immediately became captivated by the sound of her playing music. 

As the sound of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ filled the room, the tot is seen keeping his eyes on Zawarski, sitting at her feet, watching in awe.

Rachel said in the video's caption, “Something really sweet happens at the end! I think he was moved emotionally by the music!” As Thomas proceeds to stand up, still gazing up at the violinist, he runs over to give her legs a big hug.

Comments from social media were overwhelmingly positive and it seems that people were touched by the special moment. One Youtube user said, “If you don't sign your kid up for violin lessons when he's older, I will.” Another read, “What beautiful souls they both have. I'm crying.”