US comedian DJ Prior and his son, Kingston, featured in a Father's Day commercial. Picture:
Viewed more than 120 000 times, US comedian DJ Prior knew exactly what he was doing when he uploaded a video of himself having a conversation with his youngest son Kingston about the finale of TV series 'Empire'.

The video instantly went viral for obvious reasons. And now the duo are internet sensations. Striking while the iron is hot, dinner-style chain Denny's scooped them up for yet another "ahhh" moment.

The father and son featured in a Father's Day commercial, and their conversation in a Denny's dinner is the cutest thing ever. While no one understands exactly what little Kingston is saying, DJ never skips a beat and continues chatting with his son.

The special moment shared between father and son is something that Kingston will probably look back on in years to come, and chances are, he probably won't even remember his five seconds of fame.

Here's to hoping that we won't see the last of him though. Watch this space for more on Kingston.