Plagued by a steepness night, Cibuls shared the photo with parenting groups on Facebook. Picture: Facebook

Illinois mother of two Maritza Cibuls got the fright of her life after she had just put her 18-month-old son to bed in his crib. While looking on her child's baby monitor, she noticed what appeared to be a ghost baby snuggled up against her own child.

Alarmed by what she saw, she immediately rushed to his room and shined her phone's flashlight into her boy's crib but saw nothing, the Washington Post reported.

Plagued by a steepness night, Cibuls shared the photo with parenting groups on Facebook, telling herself there “must be some kind of logical explanation - but what is it?”

Her fears were only put to rest the next morning. The ghostly apparition she saw was the mattress label. But Cibuls's post soon spread like wildfire on social media, amassing more than 500 000 reactions and 300 000 shares on Facebook.

“I was so embarrassed,” a laughing Cibuls told The Washington Post. “I mean, I was relieved, but I was so embarrassed that I was debating whether I should even update all the ladies from my mom group.

“The more I looked at it, the more I was thinking I was tricking myself into believing that it’s something,” she added. 

“So I posted it in one of my mom groups, and I said something like, ‘Hey, do you guys see the baby? It’s really creeping me out,’ because I wanted to know if I was going crazy.”

She concluded by saying the next day she and the parenting group on Facebook had a good laugh about the whole incident.