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South African choreographer and dancer Nkateko Maswanganye (better known as Takkies), who recently gave birth to a little baby girl, shared her precious moment with fans.

The birth of her daughter was documented on her vlog from the moment her water broke at home to the delivery at hospital.

The video starts off with her husband Chris talking into the camera as Takkies stands behind him with water gushing from between her legs. The couple then debate whether to go to hospital or wait it out.

The hospital scene shows her in pain as the contractions come hard and fast. Chris then voices his fears about a possible C-section after the first epidural doesn't take.

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In the end, Takkies gives birth without complications to a healthy baby girl named Sana. Incredibly touching, the video gives an intimate look at the incredible strength mothers display during the process of natural birth.

“The best day of my life…meeting @sanadinwiddy. Birth is so incredible. From the moment your body begins to perform miracles to carry a baby, right through to when you meet your beautiful bundle of joy,” said Takkies.