#BrothersDay: What type of bromance do you have?

By IOL Supplied Time of article published May 24, 2018

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A bromance can be described as an exceptionally tight, affectionate, male bonding relationship that exceeds that of usual friendship; or it could be described as a friendship consisting of fist-bumps, sport and crude jokes - depends how you look at it. 

Since May 24 is Brother’s Day, this presents an undeniable opportunity for you to delve deeper into the true meaning of bromance and show your bros some love. 

A 2016 study, which appeared in Neuropsychopharmacology, highlights the benefits of male friendship, with researchers concluding that a good bromance releases oxytocin in the human brain. 

It can be seen in movies, series, on social media and even in politics - the different types of bromance that exist, and the characters that combine to make them work. 

Are you and your bro a Joey and Chandler, Starsky and Hutch or a Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson? Perhaps you’re a Barack and Joe? Whichever type of bromance is your favourite, you’re sure to have the following brothers in your life.

The mentor 

Be it a brother who’s wise beyond their years, or a knowledgeable stranger that just seems to get you – we often need someone to turn to when the going gets tough, and “the mentor” is the one we always choose. Let’s just say you’d trust him to type the Whatsapp message to your latest love interest, if you weren’t sure what to say. 

The wingman 

The wingman is the brother that restores your lost confidence and gives you the kick in the rear that you need to pull yourself towards yourself. Often bold in character and charisma, the wingman takes the pressure off of you to strike up conversations, but gives you the space you need to use your smooth moves when the time is right. 

The handyman 

This is the brother in your life that seems to know everything about everything. He can help you with DIY projects, teach you how to grill the perfect steak, and even give you tips for negotiating on that car you’re looking at buying. Instead of waxing philosophical, the handyman gives you practical tips that can be implemented in your life. 

Unlike brotherhood, bromance is not entirely defined by the bloodline connection, but rather by the experiences that have blended and united true characters. In commemorating Brother’s Day, stir up a Tullamore D.E.W Tully Smash cocktail, infused with muddled lemon wedges, mint and a dash of syrup, and toast to brothers-by-choice and bromances. 

As you sip on your Tullamore tipple, reflect on the true spirit of the Irish; as the Irish saying goes “count your joys instead of your woes, count your friends instead of your foes”.


What you’ll need

·       2 lemon wedge muddled

·       20ml simple syrup

·       8 mint leaves

·       60ml Tullamore D.E.W. Original

How to make it

1.     In a shaker, muddle the lemon wedges. 

2.     Add remaining ingredients and fill shaker with ice. 

3.     Shake vigorously, and fine-strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice. 

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