Generic pic of woman sleeping
Generic pic of woman sleeping

Get better sleep - sit near a window

By Daily Mail Time of article published Aug 18, 2014

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London - Tips for getting a decent night’s sleep include having a milky drink, good book or warm bath.

But where you sit at work could have a much bigger impact.

Researchers said staff whose desk is near a window enjoy up to 46 minutes more sleep at night than those in windowless rooms or with little exposure to natural light.

They also wake up less often and even have a better quality of life.

The study suggests the working environment is crucial as it sets the body’s internal clock which controls our sleeping and waking patterns.

A combined team from Illinois and Chicago in the US and Taiwan examined 49 office staff. Just over half spent the day in mostly windowless locations while the rest had frequent exposure to light through windows.

Each was quizzed on their sleeping patterns, physical activity and lifestyle, said a report in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Some also wore high-tech watches for a fortnight to measure light exposure, physical activity and sleep levels.

One in three Britons suffers from poor sleep, which can raise the risk of conditions such as diabetes.

Expert Dr Neil Stanley said office lighting is not made up of “blue” light like rays from the sun and so does not have the same effect. - Daily Mail

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