Image: Pinterest

Mermaids are back at forefront of pop culture - that’s right, you’re a step closer to fulfilling your childhood fantasy of transforming into Ariel.

Alas, the days when it was still acceptable to splash about in a rock pool, legs together in mock-mermaid-tail fashion, have passed.

But you can always sneak a touch of mermaid magic into your everyday life, here’s how:

Mermaid's tail blanket

You don’t have to be under the sea to be a mermaid - just trade in your legs with this adorable knitted blanket inspired by the tail of a mermaid. Seen on ShowPo, the knitted blankets perfect for lazy days, or every day, just slip into the cosy pouch and relax.

Fin-tastic Activewear

Scaling it up with these metallic green leggings, seen on Valleau Apparel, that are designed to look like the majestic fin of a mermaid. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the seashell sports bra.

Makeup brushes

These gold and silver mermaid tail brushes grew in popularity after famous beauty gurus featured them on their YouTube videos. Detailed with the scalloped pattern of a mermaid tail, these brushes are the perfect way for you to embrace your inner Ariel.

Ocean toast

Blue and green cream cheese swirled together and decorated with flecks of gold, a meal fit for any mythical creature.  Made by VibrantAndPure on Instagram, a variety of blue green algae powders and liquids mixed with almond milk cream cheese were used to create this ocean inspired toast.

Magical macaroons

Ever wondered what merpeople eat for dessert? Created by Giorgia’s Cakes, these beautiful oyster macaroons, fit for a mermaid’s feast, are filled with a salted caramel and white chocolate truffle pearl to finish.

Aphrodite's pool floater

Emerge from this oyster, just like the Goddess of Love, at your next pool party. Found at  Urban Outfitters, this inflatable is every ‘The Little Mermaid’ lover’s dream come true.