Massage your way to a healthy body after baby

Published Jul 31, 2017


Massage is an effective and holistic approach that relaxes muscles, tones skin and relieves pain, say experts.

Subhashini N.S., Natural Product Innovations, Research and Development, The Himalaya Drug Company and Hema Divakar, Consultant Obstetrician and Gyneacologist, share some of the benefits of postpartum massage.

* Massage helps in toning and firming up loose skin.

* Massage has the ability to improve post-delivery recovery and health for many women.

* Massages are effective in improving blood flow and circulation, helps in relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief and milk production.

* Sesame and castor oils are effective options for postpartum massages. Sesame oil is known for its skin firming properties. The non-viscous consistency moisturises and soothes skin, prevents dryness without being harsh on your pores. 

* Massage with aromatic oil infused with lavender will help in moderating your mood, stimulates your senses, and leaves you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Select off-the-shelf herbal oil that is enriched with natural ingredients like sesame oil and country mallow that soothe and calm the skin while also reducing stress with their revitalising and skin-conditioning properties. 

* Beyond massages, water is the biggest saviour when it comes to the body and skin. Water will help hydrate your body and skin, making it more elastic. Drinking water also helps your body burn calories more effectively and reduces water retention in your belly area, decreasing the appearance of loose skin.


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