FILE PHOTO: Actor Ryan Reynolds poses on the red carpet during the premiere of "Deadpool 2" in Manhattan New York. Picture: Reuters
If Ryan Reynolds were judged on his tweets alone, we'd think he's a dead-beat dad who doesn't care much for his daughters and wife.

Lucky for him, his good looks and acerbic tongue are just some of the reasons why we find him totally enduring. And we know he's got nothing but love for his two little girls - James and Ines.

This could be why popular culture website BuzzFeed are always finding little peals of wisdom, compliments of the Deadpool actor.

Check out some of his most funniest dad tweets below.



Somehow we think he's serious about this one

What the f*ck happened to Emily!

Daddy wheels

Taking digs at the wife

The simple joys

Joke's on you

When on holiday...