Elsa and her family moved to Chris’ native home in Australia four years ago. Picture: AP

Elsa Pataky teaches her children to “respect each other”.

The 42-year-old model and actress has daughter India, six, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, four, with her husband Chris Hemsworth - whom she married in 2010 - and has said the most important value she tries to teach her brood is to respect each other and others around them.

She said: "Above all, I try to teach my children to respect each other – to share – since they are lucky to have it all and are very privileged. I want them to value it and be generous with people who don't have that luck.”

Elsa and her family moved to Chris’ native home in Australia four years ago, and although the Spanish native doesn’t hail from the area herself, she was keen to move there because she’d “dreamed” about it since she was little.

She said: "We've been in Australia for four years now, but we travel a lot. It wasn't very difficult for me to adapt because it's what I have dreamed about since I was little: to live in nature surrounded by animals, with green all around and close to the beaches and the sea. I, who have lived in the city, have seen myself more as a farmer than as a city girl.”

And the Tidelands actress also didn’t have any issues when she decided to step back from work in order to raise her family and let Thor star Chris carry on with his Hollywood career, because it was her choice to do so.

Speaking to HOLA! USA’s March issue, she said: "I wanted to focus on my children because I had already worked a lot. My husband was starting his career; it was his moment, and I wanted him to take advantage to work more. We decided if we had children, I wanted to stay with them and enjoy them to the fullest – but it was my decision. It can be managed perfectly, as we see women do nowadays."