Izaan Matthews is a big 'Spider-Man' fan. Picture: Sherman Matthews
Izaan Matthews is a big 'Spider-Man' fan. Picture: Sherman Matthews

LISTEN: The adorable moment Cape Town boy, 7, wins 10K pop quiz

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Nov 21, 2019

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Izaan Matthews is one lucky boy. The seven-year-old from Cape Town is now R10K richer, thanks to being one of the youngest contestants to win the Clicks 10K pop quiz on regional radio station KFM on Wednesday morning.

So the 10K pop quiz works like this: Each morning one lucky Cape Town listener gets a crack at winning R10K by answering 10 general knowledge questions in 60 seconds. For each right answer, the listener gets R100. Get all the questions right, and you win the full amount.

Earlier this week, the morning breakfast team played a recording sent in by Izaan's dad Sherman. But never did he think that Darren Simpson and his team would play it live on radio. "Izaan was so stoked already," says the beaming father. "We just wanted to show them how they can affect young kids and families."

The recording was that of young Izaan quizzing his dad with 10 age-appropriate questions. The KFM team were so impressed with the father-son duo that they invited Izaan to participate.

LISTEN: Izaan and Sherman Matthews play pop quiz

With Simpson's son Nate as quiz master, a very confident Izaan managed to secure the 10K bag. But the most adorable part of the exchange was when Sherlin and Sibs asked him what he was going to do with the money. Izaan happily replied that he wanted a 'Spider-Man' web slinger for himself, a robot and pony for his three-year-old sister, and new roll-on for his mom.

LISTEN:  Izaan Matthews wins the 10K pop quiz

When asked about the roll-on, a laughing Matthews sets the record straight: "My daughter is three years old, and my wife uses an expensive gel roll-on. So my daughter gets hold of the roll-on and ends up painting on the bed with the bottle. At the end of the day, the whole bottle was finished. So that was just his way of making it up to his mom."

R10 000 is a reasonable amount of cash. For a seven-year-old, it's like winning the Lotto. Lucky for Izaan, he doesn't know the value of R10K - something that Matthews is grateful for. "He just wanted to win," adds Matthews.

So what are the family's plans for the money? "We'll spend it on Izaan and his sister," concludes the proud daddy.

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