Five books that will inspire your little inquiring mind to read more.

Little Bear

Writer: Kate Oosthuizen
Illustrator: David Oosthuizen
Publisher: Struik Children

Little Bear is Kate Oosthuizen’s first book. She wrote the rhyming tale for her niece Georgie.
The 22 page book tells of lonely little bear who lived in a box. One day the box falls down and he meets old, lost toys but decides to return to his box and is then bought by a little boy.
It is illustrated by her father, well-known KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, artist David Oosthuizen.

My Daddy is a Silly Monkey

Writer: Dianne Hofmeyr
Illustrator: Carol Thompson
Publisher: Tafelberg

A beautiful book that is indeed a tribute to father’s everywhere. Those that play with their children and pretend to be all sorts of creatures - making the noises and messing around - evoking the imaginations of their young children. This book also rhymes and is funny.

Writers: Ingrid Mennen and Irene Berg
Illustrator: Irene Berg
Publisher: Tafelberg

This is the second book from the mother/ daughter duo. The first, Ben and the Whales, was awarded the Tienie Holloway Medal and the M.E.R Prize for children’s books.
The book captures the wonder of words and learning to read. It is sure to resonate with children going to school for the first time. Ink is a doll Tinka draws on newspaper and imagines is her friend.

The All Africa Wildlife Express
Writer: Rosamund Haden
Illustrator: Tony Pinchuck
Publisher: Tafelberg

When Elephant receives an invitation from the monkeys to a party at Coconut Bay he fires up his steam engine for an all African adventure. At each jungle station he calls the animals to join him on a rollicking trans-continental journey. Along the way they bicker, tell tales and play until they reach the magnificent gates of the Hotel Splendide, where the monkeys have a huge surprise. A quirky African adventure book.

Do Not Open this Book
Writer: Andy Lee
Illustrator: Heath McKenzie
Publisher: Human and Rousseau
Radio extraordinaire and comedian Andy Lee created this book as a gift to his sister and her husband when their child - Lee’s nephew George - was born. The book is actually a “page-turner” in an hilarious way. The illustrations and bright and such fun and the hardcover makes it a formidable gift. Reverse psychology at it’s best.