Falcon Park Primary School. Picture: Supplied

Mpact Recycling has partnered with the Mrs SA pageant for the third consecutive year. 

Through the partnership with Mpact Recycling, the Top 25 Mrs South Africa finalists are encouraged to help their selected schools and communities establish themselves in recycling; thereby stimulating job creation around recycling, and educating their communities & schools on the importance of looking after the environment.
By recycling, you benefit the environment by diverting recyclables away from landfills. The Ronnie Recycler programme allows schools and communities to raise funds, as the schools and communities get paid for their recyclables, whilst teaching environmental awareness, responsibility and sustainability.
The school has a green Ronnie Bank, which they fill on a monthly basis by encouraging their learners to collect recyclables from home in their little green Ronnie Bags; provided by Mpact Recycling. 

Did you know that the paper cartons used to package fruit juice, milk, iced tea, flavoured milk, wine, custard, and dry goods like muesli and pet food are recyclable? Recycling your empty cartons is easy and only requires you to remove or lift the cap, turn out the corners and flatten. The flattened carton is now ready to be placed in the Ronnie Bank.

Falcon Park Primary School would like to encourage more community members and businesses to play their part in saving the environment by donating all their unwanted paper, magazines, newspapers, beverage cartons etc. to the school for recycling. 

They need your contribution to help them increase their recycling volumes on a continual basis; as a fundraiser.