Tracy Dawson with sons Cole, 1, Liam, 8. She runs parenting blog Pictures: Supplied

From walking into a shop in your PJs to conquering your fear of heights with a roller coaster ride - as mothers we’ve done it all, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

When Cape Town mom Tracy Dawson was pregnant with her second child, she came across a treasure trove of mother-owned businesses and so came her light bulb moment to start her own blog documenting her experience of motherhood. “I studied web design, had the skills and did not know what to do with them,” said the 33-year-old mother to Liam, 8, and Cole, 1.

Her blog,, is a commentary on her life as a working mother and wife, but the website is also informative and offers funny anecdotes.

Being a mother is a full-time job that requires dedication and lots of hard work. But there is also a fun aspect: making memories, looking back on them and thinking: “Did I really do that?”

Here, Dawson lists her top seven crazy things she has done since becoming a mother:

  1. I never knew how much fun eating a chocolate in the bathroom behind a closed door could be until I became a mom.
  2. At 2pm on a weekday, in an attempt to feed my hungry baby, I went with him to the local shop and realised only at the till that I was barefoot with my PJs on.
  3. I never thought I would be so happy to smell baby poo after my son was constipated for four days.
  4. I often get onto the kitchen counter and sing Timothy Traddle’s famous song in an attempt to diffuse a tantrum.
  5. I spell out words using phonics, even when speaking to adults. That’s what doing homework everyday has done to me.
  6. I walked around the mall with snot all over the front of my tank top.
  7. I once drove to work with my baby’s nappy bag instead of my work bag.

Most mothers can identify with Dawson’s completely-out-of-character acts. So we asked a few celebrity mothers about all the weird and wonderful things they’d done since becoming parents.

East Coast Radio DJ Jane Linley-Thomas

The mother of three said there was never a dull moment in her home. 

“When we drive to school in the morning, everyone wears a pair of sunglasses and we listen to clean edits of gangster rap music.

“And every evening we do a guided meditation for children that aids in motivation, love for self and others.”

There's never a dull moment in Jane Linley-Thomas's home.

Fashion designer Kat van Duinen

Motherhood changes you in quite dramatic ways, said the mother of two.

“I learnt to swim in order to be more present in my children’s lives.

“I also went on a roller coaster with my kids, which is something I would have never even considered.''

Many know Kat van Duinen as a sophisticated fashion designer, but her pride and joy are her two children.

Chef Siba Mtongana

The celebrity chef from Food Network’s popular local series Siba’s Table runs her home like a well-oiled machine.

But on a recent holiday with her family, things got a little too real for Mtongana.

“It is very out of character for me to give my kids what they want. I am very strict at home under normal circumstances. So when my youngest boy dipped his rib in his baby chino (non-caffeine drink for kids), I just let it go. I thought ‘I am on holiday and I am not going to fight with anyone.'”

Mtongana made mention of the incident on Instagram, saying: “Motherhood!! I know I know... looks disgusting... my lil man barista just decided that baby chino tastes better flavoured with smoked ribs... he is quiet on our dinner table and I just pretended I didn’t see this one... the foodie mother in me was boiling inside and tried to intervene but was buzzed off with immediate effect.”

Siba Mtongana’s rib incident. Picture: Instagram