Video of sisters making milkshakes goes viral.
Video of sisters making milkshakes goes viral.

WATCH: Don't panic, no kids were harmed during the making of this video

By Staff reporter Time of article published Oct 9, 2019

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After flipping through their family's iPad, Texas couple Ruben Castaneda and Andrea Ortiz Pena came across a video that makes for internet gold.

They quickly realised what they had stumbled on and decided to share it with the world.

The video showed their two daughters attempting to make chocolate milkshake. But things go slightly off script as the older of the two lifts her sister up by the head so that she too can come into view.

After listing their ingredients, the eldest sister calls for her younger sibling to join her, and adds "she has crazy hair". She then proceeds to lift her up and squishes her face. The younger of the two doesn't look too perturbed and smiles at the camera with her face covered in cookie crumbs.

Chances are the two got up to mischief with no adults around, as the older sister gets on with giving a clear video tutorial of how to make a milkshake, minus the bananas.

Castaneda commented on the video: "So the wife was going thru my daughter's I pad and saw these videos she made. And well this one popped up.

"Y'all watch til the end. My poor baby lol. (Note) I did get onto her about this."

The video was shared by Castaneda on his Facebook page in early September and quickly went viral. Thus far, it's racked up more than 236K comments and 196K shares.

Most comments ranged from laughing emojis to other parents saying how they can relate.


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