Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

London - Parents who struggle to cope with the speed that their children outgrow clothes may have just been presented a solution.

A British inventor is designing children’s clothes that get bigger as they grow.

Ryan Yasin, 24, engineered a material allowing garments to span six sizes, potentially saving parents a small fortune. The idea won Yasin the UK James Dyson Award, the design prize inspired by British inventor Sir James Dyson.

The award came with £2000 (R33 680) to further his invention and he is now competing for the international prize, which comes with £30 000.

Yasin, who studied aeronautical engineering at Imperial College London, came across structures in fabrics that become wider and longer when pulled. He managed to capture this effect through pleating the material and heating it to seal it - making his prototype clothing wash-proof, water-proof and even "crumb-proof".

The onesie-style suit is in the final stages of development and will fit a child all the way from six to 36 months.