Participants dressed as smurfs pose during an attempt to hold the world's largest meeting of smurfs in Lauchringen. Picture: Reuters

What do you get when more than 2 000 people gather dressed as Smurfs? A Smurf-castrophe! The southern German town of  Lauchringen can now add Guinness World Record holder to its list of tourist draws.

The group Dä Traditionsverein organised the event and managed to rope in almost 3 000 people. Covered in blue paint and wearing red and white hats, their objective was clear - to break the world record for the largest group of people dressed as Smurfs.

There were very strict rules in place to make the cut -  in order to be counted, participants couldn't show any non-blue skin. "They could dress as Papa Smurf with his trademark red cap and a white beard or Smurfette, with blonde hair and a white skirt or dress," noted 

Characters like the evil wizard Gargamel were strictly off limits as well.

The Record Institute for Germany verified that 2 762 people had taken part on its website. But Guinness World Records has yet to confirm the number.