Doggie dates involve less awkward conversation and are much more fun. Picture: AP

Best Friend's Day is on June 8 and who better to spend it with than those who love you the most? 

We’re talking about your furry friends, of course, who are incomparable when it comes to dishing out unconditional love, loyalty, trust and companionship. So, why not give your dog your full attention for an entire day. After all, who is more deserving of a treats, new toys and unlimited amounts of affection?

Take them on a date

Doggie dates involve less awkward conversation and are much more fun. So, take your dog to the park for a run and to socialise with other dogs. 

Treat them

Your dog might be on a strict diet, but a Pedigree Dentastix provides health benefits and doubles as treat.


With the winter season upon us, there is nothing more delightful than snuggling up with a furry friend in front of the TV, luxuriating together in a patch of sun or just catching a few z’s in a warm, cosy bed.

Strike up a conversation

Dogs are the least judgemental listeners and top-notch secret-keepers. Talking to your dog gives you the opportunity to vent and relieve some stress, while your canine companion will just love hearing your voice and being at the receiving end of your attention.

Get them a new dog toy

Whether your dog loves to play catch or chew on a toy, there is definitely something fun to make his or her day. Make sure the toys you choose are safe for your pets and keep an eye them if they have destructive tendencies.

Teach them a new trick

 Interaction with your dog is always important and contrary to the age-old adage "you can’t teach an old dog new ticks", dogs of all ages can learn new things. So, why not reach your dogs a new trick or two? It’ll keep their minds sharp, especially in old age.