Pictures: Allan Perrins
Pictures: Allan Perrins

Animal Welfare Society of SA staff tattoo their hearts on their sleeve, literally

By Staff reporter Time of article published Apr 30, 2019

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On Saturday South Africans celebrated Freedom Day, but the team at the Animal Welfare Society of SA, based in Philippi, Cape Town, went beyond the usual call of duty.

Five of the adoptions and hospital team dedicated the day to the 5 universally acknowledged Animal Freedoms by having themselves tattooed at their own expense.

Nursing assistant Jaque Le Roux decided to have the organisation's logo tattooed on his arm, while the rest of the team had personalized tattoos symbolizing and immortalizing their compassion for animals and pride for being a member of the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

Allen Perrins, AWS SA's communication's officer, joined Le Roux for his first consultation of the day. "It was interesting to see and hear people’s reactions to his unique tattoo. This presented him with the opportunity to tell them what his tattoo represented and why he chose the design," said Perrins.

"We often encounter cruelly tethered dogs, hobbled horses and inhumanely confined animals. Too see them run free once liberated is incredible and best illustrated symbolically so I can completely relate to why our team decided to celebrate Freedom Day in this befitting (albeit slightly unconventional) manner," he concluded.

The organisation fills a number of needs within the disadvantaged communities on the Cape Flats, but their biggest issue is finding adequate homes for stray and unwanted pets.

To make a donation or find out more about their adoption procedures, visit

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