How to choose the right food for your pet. Picture: NastyaSensei/ Pexels
How to choose the right food for your pet. Picture: NastyaSensei/ Pexels

How to choose the right food for your pet

By Vuyolwethu Fundam Time of article published Jun 2, 2021

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With the variety of pet foods available, choosing the right one can be tricky. According to experts, your pet's diet is vital to his or her well-being, and it's essential to feed your pet nutritional food.

Megan Wylie, who is a canine behaviourist and trainer, recommends using a vet food brand.

All vet food brands, according to Wylie, are created with high-quality ingredients and have strict quality control.

What to look out for on the ingredients?

Because cats are obligate carnivores, high-protein foods are ideal. Avoid foods that are high in sodium or salt. These ingredients will have a long-term effect on their kidneys.

Also, make sure the protein in your dog's food is animal protein.

Is dry or wet food better?

According to Wylie, you should always include wet food in your boy cat's diet while still feeding dry food. Boys need extra moisture to ensure they have good urinary health. For girls, wet food is not necessary.

Wylie says that dogs don't need wet food as it can be harmful to their dental health.

The nutrients guide


Ingredients like barley, soy and oats will help provide your pet with energy and fibre.


Ingredients like chicken, beef or lamb will help your pet grow strong and have lean muscles.

Mineral and vitamin supplements

Minerals and vitamins are vital for the health of dogs' and cats' metabolic, digestive and immune systems.

Can my pet get bored of eating the same food?

Experts say that pets can eat the same food for their whole lives as long as it is a high-quality, well-balanced diet.

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