Field + Forest is a new elite range of grain free nutrition for dogs.
As the gap between pet and human food is growing smaller, discerning pet owners have begun to evaluate their dogs’ nutrition as closely as their own. 

The high-end pet food retail landscape has entered the age of humanisation, with customers placing increasing significance on the quality of their dog’s food. To meet their needs, Field + Forest™, produced by Montego Pet Nutrition, is a new elite range of grain free nutrition for dogs, is crafted in small-batch recipes and contain wholesome ingredients like butternut, oranges, chickpeas, cranberries, peas, carrots and apples. 

The new formulation is comprised of 60% high-quality animal proteins and nutrient-rich meats, 40% fruit, vegetables, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains no added grains or poultry by-products, replicating the natural ancestral diets they were born to eat.

“My father founded Montego Pet Nutrition, and since 2000 – when we began producing our primary commercial dog food – we’ve been consistently fine-tuning and improving our formulas,” says Montego MD, Johan Van Jaarsveld. “Field + Forest™ is more to us than just another elite dog food. From concept, research and development, to the use of cutting-edge new equipment, we’ve spared no expense in making this product,” he adds.

During a time when so much of the food we eat contains harmful substances, we are turning more to real foods in their natural state – unprocessed options that allow for all the nutrients, and none of the dangerous additives.  All ingredients are steam-cooked in their own natural juices.

Suitable for all ages and breeds, the Field + Forest™ range is available in three primary flavours:
Turkey + Duck, 
Game + Lamb, 
Salmon + Tuna. 

This trio will be available in-store by the end of February in pack sizes of 12 kgs, 7 kgs and 2 kgs. 
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