SA crafters are skilled in macrame and when they apply themselves to contemporary design the results are exquisite.

PROUDLY South African baby brands have a great deal going for them – a wealth of quality raw materials on their doorstep, artisanal acumen and a virtually untapped cultural reservoir of design.
We have craftsmen in crochet and wood and leather. We have the kind of diversity that sparks innovation and, by virtue of small exclusive runs, our goods are exclusive.
You’ll find most are impeccably made, with high quality and safety standards.
Right now, Africa is at the heart of originality – the world’s audience has explored and exhausted Europe and Asia.
So if you’re really looking to be a plush baby mama – stay true to home. Here are just some of the items we spotted online. Most are custom made, so you’ll have to inquire on price and availability:

Anglaise baby bonnet,
Tan leather carry cot,
Carry cot from babyenvyboutique on Instagram
Character basket from lovemeknotdecor on Instagram
Baby moses basket, oneofakindsa on Instagram 
Table and chairs, littlehunny’s