It's claimed that she was told she should have a caesarean section. File picture: Pixabay

London - Chilling video footage shows the moment a 26-year-old Chinese woman begs her family for a C-section because her labour pains were too much to bare. Minutes later she commits suicide.

Ma committed suicide, jumping from the 20th floor of a hospital to her death on September 4, the Daily Mail reported.

Hospital footage shows her kneeling in front of her family, begging them to agree to a C-section. Earlier reports claim that the family refused and following this, Ma committed suicide.

Original reports in Chinese media said that Ma was admitted to Yulin Number 1 Hospital on August 30. 

Doctors had reportedly told Ma that the fetus's large head circumference meant that a natural birth would have been risky to the health of the mother.

Its claimed that she was told she should have a caesarean section. 

Under Chinese law, family members have to give permission before medical staff conduct the surgery. 

The hospital released a statement about the case on social media site Weibo. It claimed that the family had refused a C-section for Ma. 

It said: "She left the room many times due to irritability and asked for a C-section however the recommendations were rejected by their families. 

"The maternal pain became too unbearable leading to her becoming emotional and jumping."