Jaxson was born, weighing 2.3kg. Picture: YouTube.com
Jaxson was born, weighing 2.3kg. Picture: YouTube.com

WATCH: Woman had no idea she was pregnant, delivers baby in bath

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published May 22, 2020

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For new mom Cindy, this pregnancy was one for the books. Or in her case, a big surprise. 

The Texas couple, who were only identified by their first names as Cindy and Chris, had no idea they were expecting a baby. In fact, Cindy only picked up 4.5kg in pregnancy weight and had her monthly period like clockwork.

But on Mother's Day weekend, Cindy gave birth to a baby boy while at home alone. “I started getting cramps, so I got in the bathtub, as I normally would, and then, not even an hour later, he was here,” she told  Fox 8.

“I never felt like I had to push, but at a certain point, I felt like my body was pushing, and then he came very quickly after that.”

And that was the special moment Jaxson was born. Weighing 2.3kg, the happy couple are still taking it all in.

“We don’t have any ultrasounds, we don’t have heartbeats, no pregnancy photos,” said Chris. 

“There was no sign, there was no kicking. She gained 10 pounds through the whole entire pregnancy. She had her woman time show up every month," he added.

Chris said that after Jaxson was born, Cindy called 911 and was taken to the hospital. 

At the time, he was visiting family and had no idea what had happened. “She ended up FaceTiming me with the doctors, and then that’s when it kind of just set in that, ‘Hey, she wasn’t making this up at all'," he said.

The couple said the biggest surprise was the reaction of their friends who had to take a lot of convincing they are now parents.

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