A glimpse of what went down at the previous MBFWJ. Picture: SDR.

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg (MBFWJ17)  a few days away, we take a look at some of the best accessories that have caught our attention in the past seasons. Organised by African National International (AFI) The fashion affair is a must-attend for fashionistas, buyers and designers.  

Michelle Ludek had some really colourful and amazing neck pieces at the 2015 MBFW in Cape Town that we absolutely loved. 

Necklace by Michelle Ludek. Picture: SDR. 

The handbags showcased by Collective are great for light and some  “heavy luggage”. 

Handbag by Collective. Picture: SDR. 

If you think MBFW is all about clothing then you got it all wrong. Treben had some homewear as part of the collection, the teapot just looks like ‘shout out when thirsty, I’ll pour you some’. 

MBFW Joburg 2017 announces show schedule

We absolutely love women in ties. Khosi Nkosi had a selection of some very cool ties, ranging from silky black but the African printed bow tie really looked amazing. 

Bow tie by Khosi Nkosi. Picture: SDR. 

Sun hats
Summer is coming, an umbrella is a lot of work but an sun hat like that one of Dax Martin will do great in the hot summer days.

Dax Martin's ' sun hat. Picture: SDR. 

With summer loading, you’ll definitely want to throw some shade but with Habits by Jenny Le Roux, even in winter you can rock sunglasses and still look cool.

Shades with Habits by Jenny Le Roux. Picture: SDR. 

Earrings are a big thing, and I’m not talking about knobs where you have to zoom to actually see that you’re wearing earrings. I mean some dangling earrings to give you a boost like those of Leigh Schubert. 

Leigh Schubert earrings. Picture: SDR. 

Sometimes when you don’t want to accessorize, you can be dramatic with your hair. Depending on how you want to be seen but if you want to steal the moment, Shana Morland's  avant-garde is the one. 

Dramatic hair by Shana Morland. Picture: SRD. 

Head wraps
Still on that hair tip, if you want to cover your hair but still be wow from head going down, a head wrap is the good to go. Perhaps get tips from Marianne Fassler.

Head wrap by Marianne Fassler. Picture: SDR. 

* The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg (MBFWJ)  will take place at the Mall of Africa from August 17-19. For more information, visit africanfashioninternational.com