6 amazing things you didn't know you can do with wine

If you think wine is just for drinking, think again. Picture: Pexels

If you think wine is just for drinking, think again. Picture: Pexels

Published Aug 19, 2019


Wine can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of how much you know about it. However, there are a few things that are handy to know if you really do love it. 

We spoke to Zonnebloem’s winemaker, Kelly-Marie Jacobs about amazing things people do with wine that most of us probably do not know. 


Use white wine to lighten up and ultimately remove red wine stains. But, best to do this as soon as the stain occurs – be it on your shirt, carpet or table cloth. Let the white wine sit on the red wine stain for a while before wiping off. Repeat. Finish with a bit of soda water to soak up the excess. 

Eggs poached in red wine. Picture: Supplied

Poached eggs in red wine

For your next brunch date, try poaching your eggs in red wine. This is a traditional method of cooking eggs, in Burgundy, France. The eggs are then plated, with some bacon, onion, olives and heaps of fresh bread to soak up the wonderful red wine reduction sauce you have just cooked your eggs in. 

More cleaning 

White wine is also very good at removing greasy or oily stains, as the acidity and the alcohol in the wine is able to cut through the grease. Add a little baking soda for extra kick. 

Rolling pin wine bottle. Picture: Supplied

Rolling along 

I for one always have empty wine bottles around the house. The bottle makes a great stand in for a rolling pin, be it empty or full, when making your own homemade paste or pastry crust.

Red red meat 

Meat marinated in wine for up to six hours, not only softens up the meat, while making is ridiculously tasty, as well, but also eliminates the cancer causing compounds, by up to 90%, during the frying and grilling process.

Wine marinade. Picture: Supplied

 Let there be light 

Empty bottles can be cut to open up the bottom part, so that a small light bulb can be inserted and tired via the top opening of the bottle – this is a great conversation piece and a great way to remember and display the most delicious wines you have drunk.

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