Changes to the humble gatsby hard to swallow for Capetonians

Sonja Edridge's gatsby. Picture: Screengrab/Facebook

Sonja Edridge's gatsby. Picture: Screengrab/Facebook

Published Mar 7, 2018


An insert on the Food Network has gone viral and angered many gatsby lovers who have found its depiction of their beloved gatsby to be a bit tasteless.

Sonja Edridge is a food stylist and founder of The Larder Cafe and has courted controversy for her bizarre take on what is a traditional Cape Town mega sandwich.

Instead of showcasing to the world (and Food Network viewers) how the traditional gatsby, usually filled with hot chips, viennas or polony is a trademark in Cape Town — Edridge went to the extreme.

The traditional Cape Town gatsby.

Before making her unique gatsby, Edridge explains: “I think South African cooking is so varied, its like a patchwork quilt.”

She adds: “There’s so many inspirations, so many different flavours and tastes that come into it.”

The Edridge begins with the bold move of chopping spinach and throwing it into a pot of curry.

She then spreads her homemade mayonnaise and an Asian plum chutney on ciabatta, and then filling the bread with deep fried potato wedges and the curry.

Sonja Edridge's gatsby. Picture: Screengrab/Facebook

And Cape Town radio breakfast show host Aden Thomas was not impressed, so he took to social media to voice his concerns.


Aden's video rant went viral, as many agreed that it was in fact not a gatsby that she had made, and felt that the traditional Cape Flats delicacy had been "appropriated". 

One Facebook user said: I am a proud Indian living in Athlone and am highly upset that this woman took what is Soo yummy and historic and turned it into something Soo common !!! Turmeric ..eggs.. spinach and rockets like really (sic)

While another user felt that Sonja's version might have come from a different part of town. He wrote: That gatsby went to private school by the looks of it. Send it to a public school with public transport and indulge in the essence of Cape Town's tapestry of flavour. En 'n (and a) samoosa of 'n (or a) daltjie while you wait.. (sic).

Award-winning local author Ishay Govender-Ypma was also not impressed

Ming’s got a succinct take on the #gatsby issue. Why so difficult to understand?You know what would be nice (though not expected): a little apology or better that &a note that @FoodNetworkSA& creators will do better. Mr Pandy is still around,right @adenthomas? Wasted opportunity

— Ishay Govender-Ypma (@IshayGovender) March 6, 2018

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