Chicken Licken distances itself from racist Facebook account, asks customers to report it

Published Oct 13, 2021


At first glance it looks like the real thing.

But on closer inspection, one can tell it’s a fake account.

Under additional contact info it lists a Gmail email address and the branding looks kind of off kilter.

But that hasn’t stopped a fake Chicken Licken account from amassing 16K followers and 16.5K likes.

And then there are the posts – offensive, racist and in very bad taste (excuse the pun).

Its latest post went viral overnight after using a derogatory stereotype while referring to coloured people.

Of course woke Twitter caught wind of the viral post and immediately demanded answers.

Local journalist and TV presenter Robin Adams was one of the first to call out the fake post.

“I don’t believe this for one moment.

“Fake news. Must be! Right @ChickenLickenSA?

Mense (people) trying to drag your good name through the mud,” he tweeted.

The one and only Chicken Licken immediately responded to the post, saying: “Hi Robin, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

“This is from a fake account and not our official Facebook account, we’ve reported the page and kindly request that you help us by reporting it too.”

The franchise also released an official statement, adding: “We have been made aware of the fake Facebook account known to post derogatory and discriminatory content using our logo and brand identity.

“We would like to alert our customers and the public on this fake account which is not the official Chicken Licken account and does not reflect what we stand for as a business.

“As a proudly South African fast-food chicken outlet loved by many across races and cultures; we are extremely disturbed by the disparaging and harmful content on that page which seeks to damage our reputation and brand.

“We have launched an investigation on the account and reported it to Facebook to urgently intervene.”

The fake account has proven to be problematic to say the least.

Judging from their comments, some Facebook users are under the impression that it does belong to the chicken fast food franchise.

“Whoever does marketing needs to do a bit more sensitivity training. The posts are really awful and divisive,” commented one user.

“Degrading comment's about racial groups,” said another, while someone else commented: “disrespect for people is all I can say”.

In the meantime, loyal Chicken Licken customers are encouraged to report the fake Facebook account before it does any real damage.

In November 2020, Nando’s also found itself the target of a fake Twitter post. Jumping on the conversation about Shepherd Bushiri fleeing the country, the fake account shared an ad graphic about Bushiri demanding ten hot full chickens every day if people want him to come back, or else they will see him next year in January.

In response, Nando’s SA commented while they valued the enthusiasm of fans for their brand, they did not appreciate the production of these fake ads or parody accounts.

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