Chinese liquor Fenjiu takes in sights of South Africa

Published Sep 12, 2023


August and September has been marked by significant growth in the partnership between South Africa and China.

From August 22 to 24, the 15th BRICS Summit was held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa chaired the meeting. Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazilian President Lula, Indian Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Putin (online) attended.

Focusing on the theme of "BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development and Inclusive Multilateralism", the leaders of the five countries exchanged in-depth views on BRICS cooperation and major international issues of common concern and reached broad consensus.

The meeting issued the "XV BRICS Summit Johannesburg II Declaration". This summit is the third time that the BRICS summit has entered Africa. The previous fifth and tenth BRICS Summits were both held in South Africa.

As part of South Africa's multicultural culture, Chinese elements are attracting increasing attention.

On August 5, Fenjiu debuted in South Africa, the Rainbow nation. More importantly, the Belt and Road series and the Blue and White series with Chinese traditional cultural features were also the designated liquor for this BRICS summit. Their soft taste and exquisite appearance have been appreciated by South African people.

On August 18, in South Africa, the delivery ceremony of Chinese liquor Fenjiu designated for the 2023 BRICS Summit was held at the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation in Pretoria.

Fenjiu’s debut in South Africa is extensively covered in local media, "Fenjiu" and "Silk Road" in both English and Chinese are shown on the big screen at Johannesburg International Airport. South Africa's Independent Media published a report titled "Famous Chinese liquor Fenjiu officially launched in South Africa" to promote Fenjiu to South African consumers.

South Africa is the first African country to sign a document on the cooperation under the framework of “Belt and Road Initiative” with China. It has been China's largest trading partner in Africa for 13 consecutive years and is one of the countries with the largest existing investment of China in Africa. The Cape of Good Hope is the business card of the "Rainbow Nation" at the southernmost tip of Africa.

Mr Zane Dangor, Director General of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, said: “As the host of the 15th BRICS Leaders’ Meeting, South Africa must fulfil its obligations as a host. We prepare in details and respect those who come to participate in the BRICS Summit.

“We respect the culture of cuisine of guests from various countries. The reason why we choose Fenjiu to entertain guests is because Fenjiu enjoys a long history and splendid culture. It was served as the liquor for the state banquet at the founding ceremony of People’s Republic of China; secondly, the Silk Road Blue and White series liquor with a long lasting sweet after taste is also suitable for us to drink.

“As a sign of the camaraderie and brotherhood between China and South Africa, guests from various countries who come to attend the BRICS Summit are hereby entertained by Fenjiu.”

Mr. Yan Yuliang, general manager of Newrgy Trading Pty Ltd, the international general distributor of Fenjiu in South Africa said: “I am grateful to Director General Dangor for his praise of Fenjiu. It has also allowed me to appreciate diplomatic etiquette, mutual integration and respect.

“South Africa is one of the seven largest wine producing countries in the New World and one of the four largest beer production bases in the world. It also has a long history of wine culture. We expect to leverage this opportunity to promote the development of the wine and alcohol industry in China and South Africa.

“Whether it is major-country diplomacy or people-to-people exchanges, they must be integrated into each other, communicate with each other, and promote educational, economic and trade development.”

To express its sincerity to African people, Fenjiu appeared in many well-known local sights to "check in" and take photos.

From Table Mountain in Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope National Park, the story of "Xinghua Village" in the "Cape of Good Hope" opens a new chapter, and a picture of mutual integration and win-win cooperation between China and Africa unfolds.

What belongs to the nation belongs to the world. Tell Chinese stories well and inherit Chinese creations! Fenjiu never forgets its original intention and forges ahead to expand Fenjiu to the world!

On August 20, Newrgy Trading Pty Ltd, the general distributor of Fenjiu International in South Africa, was invited to participate in the Maiden broadcast Ceremony in Africa of Classics Quoted by Xi Jinping (Season 2 held in Johannesburg. This documentary produced by China Media Group is available in languages such as English, French, Arabic, Hausa, and Swahili.