ICYMI: Video of energetic Spur staff vibing to the ‘Birthday Song’ goes viral

Spur staff put on a performance. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Spur staff put on a performance. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published Dec 29, 2023


South Africans love celebrating their birthdays at the Spur.

The sparkles on your special ice cream treats and the jolly birthday tune are the highlight of the outing.

Over the years the birthday tune has changed, though.

Some branches have a tune blaring over their speakers, others have the staff make a train around the restaurant, while other branch staff still sing the classic “I don’t know what you’ve been told” tune as they clap along at your table.

Unfortunately, there are times when the staff look like they are just going through the motions and then get on with their work.

In this Spur branch, however, the staff take the birthday song very seriously and create a full-on vibe when performing it for the person celebrating their birthday.

A TikTok video of the Coyote Spur branch staff in Zevenwacht Mall, Cape Town has gone viral.

The video posted by @colourfulsherri which has been viewed over 220k times shows the energetic staff vibing to upbeat music next to the table, with one waitress taking centre stage with her dance moves.

@colourfulsherri Show me a better birthday song performance… I’ll wait 🎉 #Spursteakranches ♬ original sound - sherri

Sherri captions the jolly video: “Show me a better birthday song performance… I’ll wait..”

It seems that the Spur branch is known for its vibe, with one viewer saying: “They always give the best vibes! The best spur I’ve been to 🔥”

Another person commented: “If I'm not getting the same energy for my birthday performance at spur I'm not paying 😭😂”

One TikTok user was concerned about how exhausted the lively staff must be, but Sherri said: “I witnessed 4 birthdays while there - they brought the same energy everytime 😅 I can’t imagine how exhausted they are on weekends”.