Introducing cannabis-infused hot sauce

Johnny Hexburg Cannabis Sativa Infused Hot Sauce with Pumplin Seed Oil. Supplied

Johnny Hexburg Cannabis Sativa Infused Hot Sauce with Pumplin Seed Oil. Supplied

Published Mar 20, 2019


Chilli sauce brand, Johnny Hexburg, has created a new hot sauce which is cannabis-infused and with pumpkin seed oil.

Since 2016 they have been selling a variety of products at local farmers markets. They had a small range of hot sauce from a local supplier which did reasonably well. 

Founder, Marihett, said from October 2016 when they started making sauce up to now, they have not looked back. She said they have learned so much about chillies and especially the super hots.   

“Our hot range is one of a kind. We use chillies known as super hots to create this range. None of these chillies can be bought commercially. We grow them and we buy from local small scale hobby growers. We are using chillies like Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Scorpion Butch T to name a few. This hot range opened the door to the spice lover’s to get something much hotter than any commercial 'of the shelve' sauce”, said Marihett. 

Speaking about the new cannabis-infused hot sauce, she said as of late cannabis had been a hot topic because of the change in legislation which inspired them to take this opportunity to make a hot sauce. 

Johnny Hexburg Cannabis Sativa Infused Hot Sauce with Pumplin Seed Oil. Supplied

“There is so many health benefits in consuming chillies, to add the hemp seed oil was just a great combination to promote the healthy side of all the ingredients. Our cannabis sativa sauce is very straight forward. It contains green jalapeno, vinegar hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and pinch of salt with no sugar added”  

“The cannabis sativa sauce comes in only one flavour, with a mild to medium heat which most people will eat. We have a huge range of flavours to cater for any other taste request. We will also introduce a CBD oil infused sauce but we will keep the flavour simple, not to take away from the uniqueness of the sauce”, said Marihett. 

She said you can use the sauce as a marinade (just add your preferred medium like oil or buttermilk), use it as a basting (add a bit of oil), use it as a spread on a delicious homemade gourmet sandwich, use it as a dipping sauce instead of a normal dip, use it as a salad dressing (make a basic vinaigrette and add a bit of the sauce to it and drizzle over your salad), add it to your stew or gravy to enhance the flavour, it is perfect for pasta meals, vegetarian meals and even cheese platters.

Their complete range of sauces is available on their website and it is also available at farmers markets like Earth Fair Tokai, Bay Harbour market, Hot Bay and Oranjezicht City Farm market in Granger Bay.

The cannabis sativa hot sauce retails for R140. 

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