Krispy Kreme is set to launch nationwide!

Glazed peanut butter kreme and jam-filled shell. Picture: Supplied

Glazed peanut butter kreme and jam-filled shell. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 27, 2018


Have you ever been struck by a Krispy Kreme craving in the middle of the night – with no way to satisfy it? Now, the good people at Krispy Kreme South Africa have made it possible for you to get your fix of the freshest doughnuts whenever the craving hits you. Yes, you heard right! Krispy Kreme is rolling out to local petrol stations and supermarkets.

Krispy Kreme’s peanut butter range. Picture: Supplied Rumour has it they’ve rolled out off-premise sales to 23 stores in and around Gauteng, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal - and the first store opened at Engen Garage in Watermeyer, Pretoria.

Get the fan favourites at any of the 23 off-premise stores nationwide, the debut store being at Engen Garage in Watermeyer, Pretoria. Picture: Supplied “The off-premise’ sales model is already a hit in markets such as the UK and Australia, where it comprises around 40% of the total Krispy Kreme business”, says Alexia Cimato, Managing Director of S’innamon PR & Communications, and a representative of the doughnut dynasty.

“South Africa is one of only 5 markets that are rolling out the initiative. South Africa’s status as a new, emerging market makes it easier to test this concept. The local team is technologically advanced and operationally well-established, with a proven track record of success over the last three years.

The team boasts fantastic management skills, experience in the industry and a talent for world class product innovation, making it ideal to provide best practice for other markets looking to adopt this model”, she adds.

Now you can satisfy your Krispy Kreme craving at anytime of the day. Picture: Supplied I know what you’re thinking, will this compromise the quality of their delectable doughnuts? Worry not! “Krispy Kreme is famous for delivering fresh doughnuts to each store daily. Deliveries will occur once a day and doughnuts will be sold while stocks last”, says Cimato.You and I can now get our delicious doughnuts on the go in more areas, more often.

Be on the lookout!

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