LOOK: KFC’s limited edition menu offers green and pink burgers

KFC’s Pretty in Pink meal. Picture: Twitter

KFC’s Pretty in Pink meal. Picture: Twitter

Published Sep 21, 2023


Imagine eating a green or pink burger?

Well, KFC has done it but unless you’re going to Comic Con Africa this weekend, their zany meals will not be available to the general public.

This year, KFC is the official sponsor of the event, and they're bringing out a special limited-edition menu especially for it.

On the brand's official X page, they posted images of the wacky creations.

On the limited-edition menu, you’ll find items like The Other Guy Burger which looks like something made for the Hulk with its green burger buns.

While the Pretty in Pink meal feels Barbie-inspired with everything pink, from pink burger buns to a pink drink of course.

— KFC South Africa (@KFCSA) September 20, 2023

They even have Ghost Pepper strips which look like zinger strips drenched in hot sauce.

The menu includes the Galaxy Boba which looks like purple boba tea. They even have Avatar chicken skins for those who just love the KFC chicken skin!

Then there’s a Doom burger with black buns.

On their Instagram page, their followers are begging for them to sell the items in their stores.

In their post captioned: “Ready to have your mind blown? 🤯 Taste our limited-edition menu only at @comicconafrica. From The Other Guy Burger 🍔 to our tasty Yum Yum It Is Sundae 🍦we’ve got something finger lickin’ good for you! 22-25 Sept #KFCComicConAfrica,” they show all the meals that will be available at the show.

“Can we get the ghost pepper strips nationwide please,” commented one person.

Another said: “Add some of these to the real menu pls.”

“hey, is it possible to just come in to comic con without buying a ticket, just want to come get kfc,” asked another person keen to get their hands on a meal.