Masterchef SA winner is set to launch a predominantly plant-based meal delivery service

Masterchef South Africa season two winner, Kamini Pather is set to launch her own food delivery service called Fudy. Picture by Jessica Staffford

Masterchef South Africa season two winner, Kamini Pather is set to launch her own food delivery service called Fudy. Picture by Jessica Staffford

Published Oct 26, 2018


The food delivery service industry is booming, more customers are increasingly ordering food through apps and dining at home because it's so convenient.

Currently taking interest in the technology surrounding the food we eat is Masterchef South Africa season two winner, Kamini Pather.

Pather is set to launch a new predominantly plant-based food delivery service called Fudy, a first of its kind in South Africa.

She says Fudy is the solution to people who are committed to eating healthy but don’t have the time to cook.

“Fudy is macro-nutrient based, chef inspired meal delivery service. Each meal is made-to-order using consciously sourced produce. Each meal is not just good for you but is also sincerely delicious.

Fudy was born out of a personal need for a solution to a life problem that I have. I love to cook but I don’t always have the time and delivery options that fall into the good-for-you space are limited. I have been toying with the title of “digital chef”. Fudy and the dark kitchen concept join the two words that I have been involved in - digital and food,” says Pather.

She says Fudy is healthy food. Each signature dish utilises carbs, fats and protein (sources from plants and animals) to provide a well-balanced meal.

“The meals are interesting to the taste buds with elements such as black bean and quinoa bombs spiced with cumin and coriander seeds or the plant-based vegan made with cashew nut cream; coconut milk satay with fresh lemongrass, bay leaves and soy. The difference is clear. This food is made with simple ingredients but made the conscious way,” says Pather.

Asked why she decided to go predominantly plant-based, she says besides being better for environment, it has made her body feel lighter and function better.

“I am not 100% plant based, I enjoy a piece of meat when I know how it has been raised and where it came from. Living a plant-based lifestyle has also challenged my cooking style and ability because one has to retain the brain to think in vegetable terms. I’m a bit of s food need like - I enjoy the challenge. I hope that more people will eat better food that helps them achieve their goals. I hope that by providing this easy way to make better food choices that people do make those choices,” says Pather.

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I present you with the “fruit of my brain”, @fudydelivery. It’s a macronutrient weighted, made-to-order, meal delivery service that I am launching on the 1st of Nov. Each dish is comprised of enough protein, carbs and fats to keep your fitness and life goals in check, whilst also keeping your taste buds cheering. This is one of those #lifehacks that I needed - get home hungry but don’t have the energy to shop or cook. But I still wanted my meals to deliver on nutrient content and flavour. Enter @fudydelivery. Come join me on the IG page, I’ll be sharing more info on each chef-inspired meal in the coming days. Expect to get real saucy with plant-based Alfredo (cashew nut cream with portobello), satay (turmeric root and lemongrass with coconut milk), pomodoro plus (roasted tomato and garlic), mushy peas (garden peas with avo and mint), “buttery” curry (roasted masala with cold coconut oil) all paired with low GI carbs, the freshest veggies and proteins derived from consciously sourced plant or animal sources (crispy tofu, chickpea and Nigella seed smash, black bean and quinoa falafels). Coming soon!!! *skips around the room* #capetown #news #food #fudydelivery #foodiesofinstagram #plantbased

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She says the service is only available in Cape Town but she would like to see people across SA being able to have access to the meals that she has lovingly designed.

Fudy launches on the 1st of November, exclusively through UberEats.

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