Picky eater takes her own ingredients to restaurant

Patient waitress dealing with picky customer. Picture: Pexels Andrea Piacquadio

Patient waitress dealing with picky customer. Picture: Pexels Andrea Piacquadio

Published Jul 6, 2023


Picky eaters can be really annoying for waiters.

There’s one thing to ask for no pickles on your burger but quite the other if you take your own ingredients along to a restaurant.

A waitress found herself having to deal with such a customer and I reckon she handled the situation very well.

Taking to Reddit’s Serverlife page user NeighborhoodSuper898 shared her rather odd experience.

She works at a small Mexican chain restaurant and had to serve two middle-aged women.

“I brought waters and introduced myself and asked if they’d like anything else to drink and the one lady responded with ‘water is the only thing I drink. Anything else is basically poison’,” she wrote.

She admitted that at this point she was already taken aback but politely told the woman, “well we’ve got lots of it, you’re in luck!”

“Off the bat, I could tell she was going to be an interesting encounter,” she added.

When she went to take their order, the same lady “wanted our taco salad, but deconstructed and with no lettuce”.

“I asked if she had any dietary restrictions, as people often order deconstructed items to ensure there’s no cross-contamination.

“Then she pulls out a bag of kale from her purse and said ‘I bring my own ingredients because everything else has pesticides in it’,” wrote the patient user.

Even though she admitted to being shocked, she went on to continue doing her job and took the menus and rang up the order.

“She ended up only eating the kale she brought and a bit of tomato from the salad. I asked if it tasted okay and she said yes, she just didn’t like the other ingredients,” she added.

“It wasn’t a big inconvenience for me or the kitchen, just extremely odd. There are tons of local, organic markets and cafe-style restaurants in my city, so I don’t know why she came to a chain and brought her own food.”

She turned to Reddit users to find out if anyone else has any similar stories.

“My grandparents do this sh*t, too. When I go out to eat with them, they always order honeymoon salads, then just bust out dressings, grated cheese, even a lil f**in' Tupperware container full of capers! Sh*t makes me want to curl up and die,” shared one person.

“I had a lady ask if she could use our blender to blend up her kids food. We are a pizza chain. We dont sell anything blended. We barely have a working microwave, let alone a blender,” answered another.