This 74-year-old pasta sauce recipe sounds tasty

Pasta is one of the world's most loved dishes. picture: Pexels (Klaus Nielsen)

Pasta is one of the world's most loved dishes. picture: Pexels (Klaus Nielsen)

Published Feb 26, 2021


Pasta is one of the world's most loved dishes. from spaghetti, macaroni, and penne, to gnocchi, fusilli, tagliatelle, and ravioli.

There are such a lot of shapes of pasta to attempt. There are additionally various scrumptious sauces that pasta may be cooked in – from a tangy and flavourful arrabiata to a syrupy bechamel.

The correct pasta sauce could make all of the distinction to the dish, which is why cooks take further care to get it right.

A Reddit user was surprised to find a recipe for a pasta sauce dating back to the year 1947. The envelope containing the 74-year-old recipe was cleverly hidden in a small corner in his garage.

“Found this recipe in my garage while removing some old peg board several years ago. I have not tried it, but thought this was the perfect place to share it," he wrote.

Found this hidden in the wall in my garage built in 1947. Family pasta sauce recipe from the original owners. from r/Old_Recipes

According to the picture that he shared, the recipe may make roughly 11 litres of pasta sauce.

The recipe immediately turned the topic of consideration amongst foodies on the website, who prompted that it might have been written for a big household or a restaurant’s bulk order.

Below is the recipe by the user.


¼ cup of oil

4 cups chopped onions fine

4tsp garlic

½tsp sweet basil crushed very fine

½tsp rosemary leaves crushed very fine

1tsp celery salt

1tsp chilli powder

¼tsp dry mustard

1 and ¼ tbsp paprika

2tbsp salt

2kg pureed tomatoes

Pepper to suit your taste


Put oil or shortening in the pot. When hot, add onions.

Saute for a few minutes.

Now grind garlic and add to onions and saute again for a few minutes but do not let it get brown.

Now add all seasoning. Saute again for a few minutes.

Now add tomato puree adding enough water. If not thick enough to suit you mix little cornstarch and water and add to it. Stir while adding the same.

When spaghetti is cooked have some melted butter or ole margarine to put on and little salt and pepper and little grated cheese and some sauce.

Stir lightly and serve some sauce on the side for those who require more sauce and cheese on the side for people who like lots of cheese.

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